Gallery Walk

Public Art at Terminus

Terminus 100

Heaven and Earth

Exhibiting Artists:

Todd Alexander, Claude Allard, Luke Alsbrook, Phil Bekker, Bruce Brainard, Jeff Cohen, Paul Hagedorn, Matthew Hasty, Kim Karelson, Charles Keiger, Kathryn Kolb, Jill Schultz McGannon, Tom Nix, Brett Osborn, Betty A. Smith and Kathleen Walker

There is a delicate and exquisite dance that happens between the earth and the sky. Continuously changing, and always in motion, one’s perception of the landscape is dependent on many things, including the nature of the weather, the quality of the light, the time of day and the season.  The subtle beauty of the sun rising over a dew covered field in the early morning sunlight.  The violent tension of storm clouds moving into, then taking over a once serene landscape.  The elegant and warm light of the setting sun as it bounces off both the sky and the land. These are all fleeting moments captured, contemplated and made eternal by artists, artists who have long been inspired and challenged by the visual transformation that our natural landscape perpetually undergoes. 

- Anne Lambert Tracht, Curator

Terminus 200


Exhibiting Artists:

Linda Anderson, Meg Aubrey, Lynn Davison, Ruth Franklin, Matt Haffner, Patrick Heagney, Scott Hill, Kenson, Keith Miller, Pam Moxley, Suellen Parker, Joe Remillard and Kathy Yancey

A duet is not only defined as a performance between two musicians but also refers to an action or activity carried out by a pair of closely connected individuals. This exhibition, Duets, focuses on the latter definition as seen through the eyes of the visual artist. Each artwork depicts only two people, two people shown in a dramatic array of circumstances and situations.  In some works, a seemingly simple moment shared by a couple is delicately captured.  In others, two characters seem to be in the midst of a dramatic narrative.  Others still are bizarre fictional compositions taken straight out of the artist’s imagination.

Body language, color and setting are expertly applied and examined in order to give visual clues about the story that the artist is trying to tell.  As a result, a multitude of questions begin to emerge for the viewer: Who are these people? Are they friends or strangers, lovers or enemies? What is happening between them? Why are they there? These questions give rise to endless creative territory for artists who are continually exploring and attempting to understand relationships and the human condition.

- Anne Lambert Tracht, Curator

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