Gallery Walk at Terminus



Modern Realism

October 16, 2017 - January 10, 2018


Curator's Statement:

Beginning in France in the 1840s, Realism is often considered the beginning of the modern art movement. Contrasting the exotic and idealized subject matter within Romanticism, the intent of Realism was to accurately depict the realities of every day life for all social classes. Realist artists exalted the ordinary, sometimes unpleasant moments of life within their artwork and in doing so, forever altered perceptions of art and beauty.


Today, many artists continue and even extend the Realist tradition by depicting the realities of our current times. From sweeping modern landscapes to almost hyper-real still lives, the paintings in this exhibition reveal both the visual and emotional landscape of modern times. Combining the ability to represent common objects and scenes in unflinching detail with the desire to transform ordinary moments into moments of beauty and contemplation, the artists in this exhibition successfully carry on the ethos of past Realists.



Anne Lambert Tracht and Jill Malino, Co-Curators



Luke Allsbrook | Melissa Basham | Katie Beall

 Munroe d"Antignac | Jeff Faust | Joe Remillard

James Zamora | Michael Zigmond



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