Gallery Walk at Terminus



Portraiture Now

March 9 through June 10, 2015


Curator's Statement:

Artists have been creating portraits of people for millennia. The portrait has been, and is still today, a means of portraying not only a person’s likeness but also their unique personality and position in the world. The traditional portrait depicted a precisely drafted image, frequently centered in the space, with imagery - often the interior of a person’s home or the landscape from their surroundings - in the background. The contemporary portrait often breaks away from the ideas of traditional portraiture and experiments with reconceived notions of representation and setting. Emphasis on capturing an exact likeness in a static moment is replaced with an emphasis on portraying imagination, personality and emotion. The artists in this exhibition represent a fresh and inspiring approach to creating portraiture now.

— Anne Lambert Tracht and Jill Malino Co-Curators



Lydia Walls Graves | Melissa Harshman | Karl Kroeppler | Patricia Patterson | Sharon Shapiro | Alexi Torres 


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