Gallery Walk at Terminus



Fantastical Minds

June 20 through September 9, 2014


Curator's Statement:

Summer is often the season when people yearn to escape from their normal lives. A vacation is viewed as a way to reconnect with family and friends, to gain new experiences and to recharge the soul. Each individual differs in how they choose to escape from the monotony of everyday life, whether it is a physical or mental exploration. Artists are particularly adept at exploring and visualizing ideas of escape and fantasy as themes throughout their works of art. 

In this exhibit, Fantastical Minds, we explore the work of artists who have the creative ability to produce scenes and depictions that are beyond the everyday, the mundane and the common. Each artist has his or her own unique expression and interpretation of fantasy and escape. Highly fantasized scenes portraying mystical worlds, spectacular creatures and exceptional characters are all conjured from their creative minds. Evident throughout these works is the pure whimsy and uninhibited imagination of these artists who are able to convey their unique sense of the fantastical.

- Anne Lambert Tracht and Jill Malino, Curators


Terminus 100


Meg Aubrey | Sarah Emerson | Jeff Faust | Craig Hawkins

Charles Keiger | Suellen Parker | Kathy Yancey



Terminus 200


Maggie Hasbrouck | Patrick Heagney | Greg Noblin | Dorothy O'Connor


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