Gallery Walk at Terminus




March 17 through June 18, 2014


Curator's Statement:

As memories of this year’s unusually cold and snowy winter fade into memory, our thoughts turn to the arrival of spring and the beautiful rebirth of nature. This eagerly anticipated time of year inspired Growth, an exhibition of artwork celebrating the blossoming of the natural world.


The artists represented within this exhibition are inspired not only by the phenomenon of spring but also by their desire to push the boundaries of the medium in which they work. Hard steel is transformed into delicate flowers; magazine imagery is repurposed and cut into intricate forms; flowers are painted or photographed as bright bursts of color. With each artist’s unique perspective and technique, we are asked to perceive of the natural world in a new way. And presenting the world in a new way is one of the great attributes of art.

- Anne Lambert Tracht, Curator

Terminus 100


Joyce Gehl | Lynn Johnson | Paul Lange | Deedra Ludwig | Corrina Mensoff 

Elise Morris | Eric Strauss | Dayna Thacker | Holly Walker



Terminus 200


Jon Arge | Nathaniel Galka | David Kidd | Kathryn Kolb | Dana Montlack 

Pam Moxley | Greg Noblin | Erin Palovick | Angie Renfro | Joe Walters


For more information about Gallery Walk at Terminus, please contact Anne Lambert Tracht at 404.545.1766 or by email.