Gallery Walk at Terminus



Architecture in Art

September 12 through December 3, 2014


Curator's Statement:

As urban and suburbanites, we spend the majority of our time existing in, moving through and surrounded by buildings, houses and structures of all kinds. Because of their continual presence within our daily experience, artists often draw inspiration from these structures. A home can become the metaphorical bases upon which an artist explores history and identity. A gleaming office tower can become a study in perception and light. A simple barn can become a formal exploration of composition and color.

The historical and cultural significance of architecture can also greatly influence an artists’ work. Ancient building techniques and aesthetics are examined as a means to understanding our past. More recent influences are modernist and post-modernist architectural styles, whose clean lines and simple elegance have impacted an entire generation of artists and designers. As technology continues to advance, artists and architects alike are continually pushing the boundaries of their art form. This exhibition examines the many ways in which architecture influences the visual arts. Please enjoy the exhibition as it continues in both the Terminus 100 and Terminus 200 lobbies.

- Anne Lambert Tracht, Curator



Jennifer Bonner | Glenn Dair | Jeff Demetriou | Scott Ingram | Judy Lambert | Katherine Mitchell

Kemp Mooney | Heather McPherson | William Steiger | Michael West | Mike Wsol



For more information about Gallery Walk at Terminus, please contact Anne Lambert Tracht at 404.545.1766 or by email.