Gallery Walk at Terminus




September 21 - December 16, 2015


Curator's Statement:

Gold is a precious metal that carries significant cultural, religious and economic symbolism throughout the world. Historically known as the material of gods, rulers and nobility, gold signified holiness, power and wealth. Throughout the ages, objects, paintings and illuminated scripts were made ‘sacred’ through the application of gold. Additionally, gold is known for its sheer beauty and decorative quality; its use within a work of art adds visual depth, optical illusion and creates a reflective quality.

Today, artists are reevaluating and reinterpreting the application and meaning of gold in their art. Some artists use it as an ironic expression of our excessive consumer culture, while others use it in reverence to the earth and its natural beauty. The artists in this exhibition understand the rich history of this precious metal and continue to explore its complex relationship to our culture through their artwork.

— Anne Lambert Tracht, Curator



Ashley Anderson | Caroline Bullock | Carolyn Carr |  Joe Dreher

Jessica Scott-Felder | Tim Hunter |  Mery Lynn McCorkle

Michi Meko | Tom Swanston | Christian Bradley West 


For more information about Gallery Walk at Terminus, please contact Anne Lambert Tracht at 404.545.1766 or by email.