Gallery Walk at Terminus




July 4 - October, 2016


Curator's Statement:

Water is one of the most essential substances on earth. Without it, there would be no living things – plant, animal or otherwise. Three quarters of the human body is water and two thirds of the earth’s surface is covered in it. Everything around us lives because of the presence of water. This life force has been a source of inspiration to artists for millennia. Often considered a sacred element, artists from ancient cultures depicted water as a symbol of purity and devotion.

Artists today continue to contemplate and draw inspiration from water but often through a more modern lens. Exploring the complexities of mankind’s relationship to water, many artists portray concepts regarding its recreational value, its conservation needs and even its contamination. Other artists examine water as a refuge from modern life. Capturing the subtle beauty of a wave or a ripple can calm the soul of both the artist and the viewer. Exploring the power of water has a long history in art and the artists in this exhibition continue to advance that tradition.

— Anne Lambert Tracht, Curator



Kim Anno | Brian Blackham | Lee Brooks | Lucinda Bunnen

Elizabeth Chapman | John Folsom | Jan Frazee | Karen Hollingsworth

David Kessler | Megan Lightell | Timothy McDowell | Corrina Mensoff

Brian Novatny | LeeAnna Repass | Marilyn Suriani


For more information about Gallery Walk at Terminus, please contact Anne Lambert Tracht at 404.545.1766 or by email.