Gallery Walk at Terminus



The Raconteurs

June 15 through September 9, 2015


Curator's Statement:

A good raconteur has the power to shape the simplest of stories into a magical and thought provoking narrative fully engaging the senses of its audience. Many artists are visual storytellers using paintbrushes, cameras or clay in order to give life to a story idea. A single image must often tell or hint at an intriguing storyline. Deciding upon and finalizing the composition of that single image is of the utmost importance. Using a variety of designs, sketches or photographic images, an artist wrestles with composition, color and narrative theme before the image finally conveys the artist’s message. That final image must not only catch its audience’s attention, but also tell a good story and be visually pleasing. The ability to capture all of this in a single image takes a great deal of practice, skill and creativity. The artists in this exhibition have truly honed their craft and expertly use their art to tell stories.

— Anne Lambert Tracht, Curator



Meg Aubrey | Lucinda Bunnen

Matt Haffner | Sarah Hobbs | Charles Keiger

America Martin | Suellen Parker | Andrew Saftel

Barbara Schreiber | Michael Scoggins

Whitney Stansell | Gregor Turk | Chris Verene


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