Gallery Walk at Terminus




Art From Within the Terminus Community

December 8, 2014 through March 4, 2015


Curator's Statement:

For the last seven years, art from all over the Atlanta area has been brought into Gallery Walk at Terminus for display within the art cases. Over the course of those years, we have received many inquires from artists working within the Terminus community about exhibiting their work. After a couple of recent inquiries, it became clear that an exhibition of Terminus artists and/or their family members was a real possibility. With assistance from the Property Management team, a “Call for Artists” was released and 16 artists expressed interest in exhibiting their work. Many talented painters, photographers, and even glass artists are hidden throughout the Terminus community and we are thrilled to present their work to you in this Micro-Local exhibition.

- Anne Lambert Tracht, Curator


Denise Athanas | Lewis Brown | Joel Charles | Vail Davidson | Elizabeth Duncan | Martha Ferris | Joshua Goodling | Alla Gurvich | Dean M Kegans | Erica Lackey | Alina Malinauskaite | Melissa Paule | Garnet Reardon | Pamela Rosenzweig | Sandokan Stage | Penny Treese


For more information about Gallery Walk at Terminus, please contact Anne Lambert Tracht at 404.545.1766 or by email.